Designer Bio

I  began my design career as a fashion designer in Los Angeles and I fell in love with the concept of how fabric, color and proportion could drape and transform the perception of the human body.  When I became an Arizonan, I decided to explore the option of becoming an Interior Designer and soon discovered how similar my two careers would be.  I find so many parallels between the two; proportion, color and fabrics all play a lead role in what makes a beautiful home.  I love to blend elements such as textures, shade variations and include the subtlety of pattern blending into my designs.  My design strengths help my clients with placing accessories and implementing additions of color, while taking into account the scale of all the elements.  It is important to achieve a natural blend of hard surfaces, accessories, furniture and soft treatments in order to create a well designed home.  I always strive to allow these elements to merge and create a wonderful ambiance for my clients.

My design philosophy is that I truly want to transform your house into your home.  I offer many design inspirations to bring your home to the level you have always envisioned it could be… and more.  Whether your project is large or small, I aspire to be the catalyst that brings you to that moment where you say “aaaaahhhh, I’m home!

I look forward to meeting you!

...working together to make your house a HOME.